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New Glaciers_cci option for multi temporal late summer snow lines generation

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Within a new option of the ESA Glaciers_cci project ENVEO leads the development of a monitoring system for regular late summer snow line generation.

Late summer snow lines and glacier zones are important parameters related to the mass budget of glaciers. Long-term variations of these zones are reflecting the climatic forcing, and can thus be used as indicators for climate change.

Within a new 2-year option (2017-2018) of the ESA project Glaciers_cci, ENVEO leads the development and implementation of a system for regular observations of glaciers in the world using Copernicus Sentinel-2 and other high resolution optical satellite imagery.

Time series of satellite imagery going back to the mid of the 1980s will be used to generate late summer snow lines for selected regions, exploiting the capabilities of high resolution satellite data. The products will be provided to the community via WGMS and GLIMS as well as through the climate research data package (CRDP) and the CryoPortal of ENVEO (