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Visualizing Glacier Surges

Animations based on Landsat data show new insights into the surges of Karakoram glaciers. Download Read more »

Global Glacier Inventory

Glaciers_cci contributed significantly to the realization of the 1st comprehensive global glacier inventory. The related article has now been published: Read more »

Glacier Changes in Patagonia

A new publcation by Glaciers_cci members provide new insights into glacier changes in Patagonia:

Paul, F. and Mölg, N. (2014): Hasty retreat of glaciers in northern Patagonia from 1985 to 2011. Journal of Glaciology, 60 (224), 1033-1043. download

Glacier Changes in High Mountain Aisa

New publications by Glaciers_cci memebers provide new insights into the glaciers and their changes in High Mountain Asia:

Kääb, A., Treichler D., Nuth C. and Berthier E. (2015): Brief Communication: Contending estimates of 2003–2008 glacier mass balance over the Pamir–Karakoram–Himalaya. The Cryosphere, 9, 557- 564. download Read more »

Climate Research Data Package Available

Data gereated during Phase 1 of the project is now available and can be downloaded from our data base.

Access the CRDP

Glaciers_cci article online

The comprehensive article about Glaciers_cci entitled:
"The glaciers climate change initiative: Methods for creating glacier area, elevation change and velocity products" published with Remote Sensing of Environment is now included in the CCI special issue. Download.

New newsletter

The third Glaciers_cci newsletter has been published. It contains information about the Randolph Glacier Inventory, the glaciers around the Greenland ice sheet and Karakoram glaciers.


The Glaciers_cci project will contribute to GCOS by helping complete the baseline inventory of glaciers and by regional change assessment. The project focuses on the following three elements of the ECV: Read more »

ESA Climate Change Initiative

Climate change is arguably the greatest challenge facing mankind in the twenty-first century. Its importance has been recognised in recent reports from the IPCC and from UNFCCC, and the overwhelming economic consequences are set out in the Stern Report. Read more »

Annual Review Meeting 29th May

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