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IUGG Meeting Prague 22 June - 2 July


The 26th IUGG General Assembly will take place in Prague 22 June - 2 July.
Glaciers_cci supports a session (GLIMS and the Randolph Glacier Inventory: where Do We Go from Here?) and contributes with several oral and poster presentations.

Visualizing Glacier Dynamics

Animations based on Landsat data show new insights into glacier flow and surge dynamics of Karakoram glaciers. Download Read more »

Global Glacier Inventory

Glaciers_cci contributed significantly to the realization of the 1st comprehensive global glacier inventory. The related article has now been published: Read more »

Glacier Changes in Patagonia

A new publcation by Glaciers_cci members provide new insights into glacier changes in Patagonia:

Paul, F. and Mölg, N. (2014): Hasty retreat of glaciers in northern Patagonia from 1985 to 2011. Journal of Glaciology, 60 (224), 1033-1043. download

Glacier Changes in High Mountain Aisa

New publications by Glaciers_cci memebers provide new insights into the glaciers and their changes in High Mountain Asia:

Kääb, A., Treichler D., Nuth C. and Berthier E. (2015): Brief Communication: Contending estimates of 2003–2008 glacier mass balance over the Pamir–Karakoram–Himalaya. The Cryosphere, 9, 557- 564. download Read more »

Climate Research Data Package Available

Data gereated during Phase 1 of the project is now available and can be downloaded from our data base.

Access the CRDP

Glaciers_cci article online

The comprehensive article about Glaciers_cci entitled:
"The glaciers climate change initiative: Methods for creating glacier area, elevation change and velocity products" published with Remote Sensing of Environment is now included in the CCI special issue. Download.

New newsletter

The third Glaciers_cci newsletter has been published. It contains information about the Randolph Glacier Inventory, the glaciers around the Greenland ice sheet and Karakoram glaciers.


The Glaciers_cci project will contribute to GCOS by helping complete the baseline inventory of glaciers and by regional change assessment. The project focuses on the following three elements of the ECV: Read more »

ESA Climate Change Initiative

Climate change is arguably the greatest challenge facing mankind in the twenty-first century. Its importance has been recognised in recent reports from the IPCC and from UNFCCC, and the overwhelming economic consequences are set out in the Stern Report. Read more »

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