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Final Glaciers_cci Meeting


The ESA Glaciers_cci project was running for the past three years and was officially closed with a final meeting on 01.12.2017 at the University of Zurich - Switzerland. A group picture is shown here below: Read more »

Glaciers_cci goes to High-School

Making climate change visible by the repeat mapping of glaciers using satellite images and digital elevation models was the aim of the first Glaciers_cci Schoollab held on the 26.05.2017 at the technical high-school (TFO) in Bruneck/South Tyrol - Italy. Read more »

Rapid acceleration of Arctic glaciers detected by the Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellites

Within the Glaciers_cci project we are using Sentinel-1 data to map Svalbard's glaciers at different times. Over the past year rapid acceleration of two glaciers (Negribreen and Strongbreen) has been detected. Read more »

Progress meeting

2017-05-02 14:00
2017-05-02 17:30

The next progress meeting of year 3 will be held in Zurich (Switzerland) on the 2nd of May 2017 (afternoon). Read more »

Glaciers in the Hunza catchment (Karakoram) have been nearly in balance since the 1970s

With the help of old US reconnaissance imagery new mass balance insights in the Hunza River basin (Central Karakoram) could be retrieved. Read more »

New Glaciers_cci option for multi temporal late summer snow lines generation

Within a new option of the ESA Glaciers_cci project ENVEO leads the development of a monitoring system for regular late summer snow line generation. Read more »

Joint science und progress meeting

2017-01-17 09:00
2017-01-18 17:00

The next joint science and progress meeting of year 3 will be held in Alpbach (Tyrol, Austria), from Tu. 17 to Wed. 18 January 2017. Read more »

Twin glacier collapse in Tibet puzzles scientists and triggers rapid international collaboration

Glaciers_cci contributes to early warning and understanding of two mysterious glacier collapses and their subsequent huge ice avalanches. Read more »

Special issue of Remote Sensing on the topic ‘Remote sensing of glaciers’ launched

Five members of the Glaciers_cci consortium (F. Paul, K. Briggs, R. McNabb, C. Nuth, J. Wuite) are Guest Editors of the special issue focusing on the methods and latest applications of satellite data to study glaciers. Read more »

Historical analysis and visualization of the retreat of Findelengletscher, Switzerland, 1859–2010

First standardized long-term DEM uncertainty assessment based on historical topographic maps, the SRTM-X DEM and LIDAR DEMs. In addition, a computer animation which shows the changes of Findelengletscher since the mid 19th century. Read more »

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